AFCONE – AUC Departments Close Cooperation & Visit of HE Ambassador BANKOLE to the AFCONE Premises in Pretoria

05 May 2022

In preparation to the 5th CSP, the AFCONE Executive Secretary met with several African Union Commission Commissioners and Directors.

His Consultations with HE Professor Belhocine (Education. Science, Technology and Innovation (ESTI) Commissioner) covered the Ways and Means to Develop Capacity Building in Nuclear Science and Technology in Africa.  

The Executive Secretary discussed with HE Ambassador Bankole, AUC Political Affairs, Peace and Security (PAPS) Commissioner on the AFCONE activities related to Nuclear Disarmament & Non- Proliferation & Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy in Africa and the Need to Strengthen the Common African Position (CAP). HE Ambassador Bankole  visited with his Delegation  the AFCONE Premises in Pretoria (05 May 2022). The two delegations convened on the joint  PAPS Department – AFCONE Efforts to develop in order to sustain the Pelindaba Treaty Body Organisation and Strengthen its Influence at the Regional and International Levels, including through the Implementation of Joint Regional Projects related to Nuclear Disarmament & Non-Proliferation & Nuclear Safety and Security,  considering its Integration within the African Union Institutional Reform Process.