AFCONE Consultations with RSA DIRCO and Kazakhstan Delegations

(March – April 2022)

The AFCONE Executive Secretary had several consultation meetings with delegations representing the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) and the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Meeting with DIRCO RSA has been dedicated to the visit to the AFCONE Premises of the Newly Appointed AFCONE Commissioner, HE Mr Z. LAHER and the discussion on how to strengthen the cooperation between AFCONE and the South African Institutions and Organisations.

The following subjects were discussed with the Kazakhstan Delegation: Formalisation of the modalities related to the Signature of the Cooperation MoU Agreement between the AFCONE and the Central Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (CA-NWFZ) and the Preparation of an AFCONE – DIRCO – Kazakhstan Seminar on 15 July 2022, (a) in Commemoration to the Entry into Force of the Pelindaba Treaty and   (b) aiming to consolidate the Coordination between the NWFZs before the 10th NPT Review Conference.