AFCONE Participation to the 1st Meeting of the Particle Accelerators Collaborating Committee (APACC) Meeting hosted by iThemba LABS (RSA).

08 February 2022  

As a Follow Up to the AFCONE IAEA Meeting on Launching the African Particle Accelerators Network, held on 27 October 2021/ See AFCONE – IAEA Meeting on Networking the African Particle Accelerators: Operators & Users – African Commission on Nuclear Energy), the iThemba LABS in consultation with the African Countries involved, the IAEA and AFCONE, organised the First Meeting of the African Particle Accelerators Collaborating Committee (APACC) on 08 February 2022.

The Participants discussed the ways and means to formalise the Organisation of the Committee and the Priority Plan of Action to Consider.

The AFCONE recommended to exploit the conclusions and outcomes of the October Webinar and Fully Participate to the Upcoming IAEA International Conference on Particle Accelerators (23-27May 2022/ (Home: International Conference on Accelerators for Research and Sustainable Development: from Good Practices Towards Socioeconomic Impact | IAEA)

For Information, the IAEA and South Africa’s Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences, iThemba LABS, have agreed to carry out joint work on promoting and strengthening the use of accelerator-based science, technology and applications.:

“As an IAEA Collaborating Centre, iThemba LABS will work towards contributing to the IAEA’s mission by providing analytical services to all African Member States”

(Ref: IAEA, South Africa’s iThemba Labs to work together in advancing accelerator-based science)