AFCONE Webinar on Capacity Building for Safe and Secure Development in Africa of Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy including Nuclear Power

(31 March 2021)

Following the Introductory Remarks made by the AFCONE Executive Secretary, the AUC-HRST Commissioner and the IAEA Director General,  Eight Speakers presented different perspectives of Capacity Building in Nuclear Science and Technology.

The Meeting discussed the following Items:

  • AFCONE Commitment & Priority to Capacity Building in Nuclear Science & Technology
  • AYGN & Youth Contribution to Develop Capacity Building in NST
  • AUC HRST Commitment to Support E&T and R&D in NST
  • IAEA Support to Africa in NST Capacity Building
  •  African Union Youth Development Programmes & Policies:
  • PUNE in Africa: Capacity Building Challenges & Proposed Roadmap
  • R&D in NST: Challenges and Way Forward
  • AFRA NEST: Challenges and Prospects
  • Capacity Building in Nuclear Safety & Security: Programs
  • Nuclear Power in Africa: E & T in NST: A Pan African Response
  • Excellence in NST Capacity Building

Concrete and Practical Proposals have been made to Optimise, Develop and Sustain the African Programs.

AFCONE Concept Note Webinar E&T and R&D in NST
Speakers Profile AFCONE AYGN Webinar on E&T and R&D in NST 31 March 2021
AFCONE ES Opening Remarks Webinar on Capacity Building 31 March 2021
Remarks of Comm S Agbor on Capacity Building AFCONE webinar 31 March 2021
1AU Youth Division AFCONE Meeting
2Dr Ciellers & AFCONE AYGN Webinar PPT
3Prof Mbasham PPT AFRA R&D AFCONE AYGN Webinar
5FNRBA Presentation Dr K Mrabit FNRBA
6Mr David Nicholls DRN Presentation AFCONE AYGN Webinar
7Dr Naphtali Mokgalapa – AFCONE AYGN Webinar – Capacity Building in Nuclear Science and Technology in Africa

See the Following Take Home Remarks & Draft Call to Action & Concluding Remarks by Prof Shaukat, IAEA TCAF Director