AFCONE IAEA NNSA ESARDA ISTC Webinar on Nuclear Safeguards

23 November 2020

Both the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty (Pelindaba Treaty) require State Parties to conclude comprehensive safeguards agreements (CSAs) with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Various African Union (AU) Member States (MS) and Pelindaba Treaty State Parties with CSAs in force (some also with small quantities protocols (SQPs) or additional protocols (APs)) require assistance in establishing and improving their State Systems of Accounting for and Control of nuclear material (SSACs) to effectively fulfil their obligations in accordance with such Agreements and Protocols.

There is unequal capacity in the African Union Member States for the full implementation of the provisions of the CSA, SQP and AP signed with the IAEA. This is due to different levels of peaceful uses of nuclear energy and generally limited capacity for nuclear material accounting and control.

The AFCONE signed Cooperation Agreements with the IAEA, ESARDA, ISTC, GCNEP (India) and Rosatom (Russia), including to develop activities in the field.

African Regional Collaborating Centres (RCCs) will be selected and designated to lead the scientific and technical programs.