AFCONE – IAEA – AFRA – FNRBA Experts Meeting

24 November – 07 December 2020

The African Commission on Nuclear Energy organised from 24 November to 07 December 2020, a Virtual Meeting with AFCONE Commissioners (Leaders of Thematic Working Groups) and Experts from the IAEA (TC Africa), AFRA and FNRBA.

The Meeting reviewed the AFCONE  Mid Term 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, Exchanged Information and Shared Experience and Discussed the Flagship Programmes to be considered of High Priority in Africa.

The Experts also confirmed the importance to cooperate closely in order to serve the African Union Member States in Full Synergy.

The Implementation Practical Modalities will be discussed and convened early in 2021, between the Partners according to their specific & legal mandates and according, in particular, to the AFCONE – IAEA Practical Arrangements (PAs) and AFCONE – AFRA MoU Signed.