AFCONE and ISTC Organised on 10 September 2020 a Webinar on Uranium in Africa: Exploration, Exploitation and Cooperation Opportunities

10 September 2020

Ten years ago, the African Mining Vision (AMV) put forward by the African Union Commission (AUC)  called for a Resource-based African Industrialization and Development Strategy, underlining that including uranium mining can be used to develop partnerships in the development of economic infrastructure. Through its unwavering support for peaceful uses of nuclear energy the African Commission on Nuclear Energy (AFCONE) works to encourage the set up and implementation of national policies in the Pelindaba Treaty States Parties, as well as to advocate synchronized approaches on regional and continental scale. At the same time AFCONE endeavors to invite international expertise and technologies through the channels of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programs, and also through its partnership with centers of excellence, like the International Science and Technology Center, based in Kazakhstan, which implements relevant EU projects in Africa. Africa and Kazakhstan are managing respectively about 20 % and 14 % of the Global U Resources.

The Commission organised in Close Cooperation with the ISTC the first of a series of informal webinars with Partners designed to facilitate the exchange of information, and the sharing experiences and best practices.

Webinar Agenda

Experts, Managers and Diplomats from Africa, Kazakhstan and IAEA Participated to the Event.

Mr Messaoud BAALIOUAMER,  AFCONE ES and Mr David CLEAVE, ISTC ED, Opening Statements introduced the Subject focusing on the Opportunities to Strengthen the AFCONE (Africa) – ISTC (Kazakhstan & CA NWFZ) Cooperation. 

Mr Paul MSOMA, Head of the AMDC Unit at the African Union Commission, presented the African Mineral Vision, its Plan of Action and the Current Trade & Industry Prospects introducing New Modalities Considering Nuclear Energy & Uranium.

Dr Gabrielle SCHNEIDER, Director of the Namibian Uranium Institute developed the Uranium Potentialities in Africa, their Current Exploitation and the Challenges Faced

Dr Timur ZHANTIKIN, Director, Kazakhstan Nuclear Power Plant LLP, presented the Programmes and Activities related to Uranium and Capacity Building, focusing on the Statute of Kazakhstan in Uranium Production, the Long Experience  including in Safety and Security.

His Excellency, Mr Kanat TUMYSH, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Republic of South Africa, completed the Presentation by recalling the Important Role Kazakhstan is playing on Nuclear Disarmament & Non Proliferation, the Opportunities offered to Africa and Kazakhstan to develop their Cooperation in the Field, through the AFCONE – Central Asia NWFZ MoU under preparation for Signature in October or November 2020. 

Mr Mickel EDWERD (Section Head at TCAF) presented on behalf of Prof Shaukat ABDULRAZAK, Director for TC Africa, the national, regional and interregional projects implemented by the IAEA, some specific findings and the Challenges faced in the Field and in Africa. 

In Conclusion, AFCONE and ISTC convened to follow up the future development on the matter and to consider this Field as One of the Cooperation Programmes between Africa and Kazakhstan.