Nuclear testing legacy is ‘cruelest’ environmental injustice, warns UN Rights expert

On 16 July 2020, “In an appeal to governments worldwide to get rid of weapons of mass destruction, UN Special Rapporteur on toxics, Baskut Tuncak, said that the Trinity tests in New Mexico on 16 July 1945, were the prelude to “two horrific explosions suffered by (the) innocent people of Japan”, during the Second World War”.


“The very existence of such nuclear weapons programmes, as well as possession of the weapons themselves, is a threat to international peace and security. The possibility that these weapons could be used, or even tested, presents potential catastrophic humanitarian consequences” Said the AFCONE Chairperson (Algiers, 13 February 2019/ Nuclear Tests in Africa Commemoration Day).

“The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty has an essential role within the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime,” the UN chief said.

“It fosters international peace and security by constraining the development of nuclear weapons.  Our collective security demands that every effort should be made to bring this essential treaty into force.”

Dr Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary CTBTO, also called on the international community to “take the final steps” to ensure its entry into force.


AFCONE Chair Statement 13 Feb 2019 Commemoration Algiers EOS