15 July 2020: 11th Pelindaba Treaty Anniversary

The African Commission on Nuclear Energy (AFCONE) is proud to announce the 11th anniversary of the entry into force of the African Weapons -Free -Zone Treaty, commonly referred to as the Treaty of Pelindaba on 15 July 2020.

Nuclear Weapons Free Zones are an instrumental approach to strengthening global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation norms and consolidate international efforts towards achieving the objectives of the NPT and, urges States that have not yet done so, to ratify or accede to the African Nuclear Weapon-Free-Zone Treaty (Treaty of Pelindaba), and strongly urges the concerned States to affirm their respect to the nuclear-weapon free status of the zone by ratifying or acceding to the Protocols of the Treaty as soon as possible.

AFCONE sees the TPNW as reinforcing to global disarmament and non-proliferation and calls upon African States to support the entry into force of the TPNW, by ratifying the Treaty.

The Treaty of Pelindaba is extension of the nuclear non-proliferation regime through the inclusion of strengthening provisions that are supplementary to those already undertaken by States Parties under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)- such as prohibiting the stationing and testing of nuclear explosives, or dumping radioactive materials in the territories of its Parties.

The Treaty of Pelindaba is central in ensuring control of and fostering Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Science and Energy. AFCONE remains committed to ensuring that all African States are State Parties to the Pelindaba Treaty.

AFCONE Press Release 15 July 2020