Coordination Meeting IAEA AFCONE AFRA and FNRBA (Vienna/ 13 Feb 2020)

Vienna, 13 February 2020

The purpose of the meeting was to foster discussions between AFCONE, AFRA, FNRBA, and the Secretariat (IAEA) on streamlining modalities for cooperation among the four organizations. AFCONE Executive Secretary thanked the IAEA for the organization of the meeting and stated that strengthening synergies and collaboration has been discussed for many years. He provided a brief overview to participants on the structure of AFCONE, its mandate and programmes, highlighting that 8 of 9 provisions are related to Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards and AFRA is clearly mentioned in the Treaty. He stressed that FNRBA’s mandate is fully in line with AFCONE’s mission, which will enable ease in collaboration. AFCONE’s recognition by the African Union, and its strategic position as a unique Treaty Body in Africa responsible for Nuclear matters was highlighted. AFCONE Executive Secretary suggested the need to establish a link between AFRA and FNRBA with the African Union, and that AFCONE stands ready to provide support. Moreover, for the first time during the recent Specialised Technical Committee (STC) on Education Science and Technology (EST) Ministerial meeting (STC EST III/13 Dec 2019), AFCONE presented the importance and impact of nuclear science and technology. Additionally, the topic of Nuclear Safety and Security for the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy in Africa was introduced in the final communiqué of the Ministerial meeting. AFCONE is currently in discussions with Russia, India, the EU and China to sign MoUs on the development of cooperation for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in Africa