AFCONE Participation to “the 4th Joint Meeting of the SADC Nuclear Regulators ‘Network and the 6th Steering Committee of Project MC5.01/15B” organised in Gaborone (Botswana/27-28 November 2019)

The AFCONE Executive Secretary reminded the “European Union-African Union” joint commitment to promote sustainable development, peace, security, democracy, prosperity, solidarity and human dignity. He made an overview of AFCONE’s activities to encourage better collaboration among the various African organizations and forums in the field of nuclear and called for appropriate coordination of all regional networks. He noted that while AFCONE is reaching out to more European and international partner, underlining in this context the Memorandum of Cooperation between AFCONE and ISTC , concluded in August 2019, and the joint Plan of Action that is currently elaborated in line with the objectives of project MC 5.01/15 B.