AFCONE Executive Secretary Opening Statement

Dr. Admore Kambudzi, Director of the Peace and Security

Excellencies, Honorable Commissioners,

Ms Einas, Head of the Defense and Security Division, Peace and Security Department,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to you today during my first meeting with the African Commission on Nuclear Energy (AFCONE) in my capacity of Executive Secretary.

I am privileged for having been designated to serve our Continent, through AFCONE.

I thank you Director Kambudzi, for you inspirational words, welcome and encouragement.

The devotion and tireless work of the Peace and Security Department in organizing the 4th Conference of all the Parties to the Pelindaba Treaty last March 2018 and this 9th AFCONE Meeting is highly appreciated.

The implementation of the Pelindaba Treaty is targeting, in close cooperation with the UN Office of Disarmament Affairs (UN ODA) and the other Nuclear Weapon Free Zones (NWFZ), the enhance of nuclear disarmament, non- proliferation and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in our continent and globally.


I do recognize the importance of the organizational activities and actions already launched by AFCONE since its first mandate.

I have been honored to contribute, since 2010, as Commissioner, Representative of Algeria, to the AFCONE activities, including the elaboration of the programme of work and the compilation of data bases related to our mandate (UN ODA & UN 1540 Res, IAEA Doc, AFRA Annual Reports, CTBTO Activities…). According to my new missions and duties, as Executive Secretary, I am really honored to fully contribute, this time with direct responsibility in the implementation of the planned and agreed programmes.

Several challenges need to be addressed urgently, in terms of clear vision, regional coordination & synergy, international partnership and resource mobilization. The Agenda of our Meeting is presenting a large and complete spectra: – Election of the Bureau – Review the Conclusions and Resolutions of the 4th Conference of State Parties, – Evaluation the Operationalisation of the Secretariat, – Analysis of the AFCONE Vision, Strategy, Programme of Work and Development of Partnership, – the Discussion of some Sensitive Issues dealing with the Full implementation of the Treaty (NWFZ in the Middle East, Enforcement of the Treaty in Indian Ocean etc… – Examination of the State Parties 2016-2017 Reports, – Review the Actual AFCONE Financial Situation, – Consideration of the Programme of Work 2018-2020, including the 2019 Agenda and the conditions of its implementation – Any Other Business.

It will be an opportunity for us to fully appreciate the views, actions and/or decisions, already considered by AFCONE and AUC, in order to intervene, according to the Secretariat Missions, for their reinforcement and implementation.

The full operationalization of the AFCONE Executive Secretariat in Pretoria (South Africa) is a Priority to allow our Commission to play the expected Regional and International Role, in support to the AU Peace and Security Department huge efforts deployed in other fields of activities, according to the last conclusions and resolutions of the African Union Peace and Security Council and in close collaboration, with other Regional and International Agencies and Organisations.

In fact, it was, since last March 2018 one of my urgent tasks, even if it was at distance from Algiers (not yet in post for administrative procedures), with the full support of – the South African Government, – the Department Peace and Security of the African Union Commission and the kind assistance of: – the Pan African Parliament (Pretoria). – Our limited AFCONE Staff. My wish today is to have the Secretariat Office fully operational before the end of October 2018 or Early in November 2018.

Dear Director Kambudzi, Honorable Commissioners,

The urgent challenges to address, at different levels are as follow:

 Review the Vision & Strategy and Develop the Specific AFCONE Programme of Activities, according to the provisions of the Treaty,
 Contribute with More Effectiveness to the Regional and International Efforts for Peace and Security, in the Middle East and other regions,  Promotion of the 2 Treaties “Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)” and “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)” in order to encourage their Entry in Force as soon as possible,  Implement national and complete reporting system, according to the Provisions of the Treaty,  Strengthen and Develop Cooperation Programmes the IAEA, AFRA, CTBTO, UN ODA & NWFZs, FNRBA, …  Collect the appropriate budget for AFCONE, according to the 4th CSP conclusions and resolutions,  Launch the Appropriate Initiatives towards all the Parties to the Protocols, to implement the Treaty Provisions in close cooperation,  Launch the Diplomatic Initiatives for the Ratification of the Treaty and Its Protocols, by all the African States and our Partners,

This will enable AFCONE to fulfill its Treaty mandate in a more effective manner, with the appropriate synergy at the regional level.

I look forward to work closely with the Bureau and All of You Excellencies, on each of these Important Issues.
I thank you again for your full support.