Overall Goal

To advance peace, security and socio-economic development in Africa through the effective implementation of the Treaty of Pelindaba.


Unity of Purpose, Integrity and Dedication

Commitment to Humanitarian Principles

Safety and Security



Openness & Transparency


Working with Others/Commitment to Partnership Principles (Equality, Result-Oriented Approach, Responsibility and Complementarity)

General Core Values


Dedication to Quality, Product Innovation, and/or Technological Leadership


Commitment to Excellence and Results


Exhibiting Such Qualities as Integrity, Fairness, Trustworthiness, Pride of Workmanship, Golden Rule Behavior, Respect of Coworkers, and Ethical Behavior,


Creativity, exercising Initiative and Accepting Responsibility


Teamwork and Cooperative Attitudes


Fair Treatment of Supplies


Making the Company a Great Place to Work


Exercising Social Responsibility and Being a Good Community Citizen


Caring about Protecting the Environment


Having a Diverse Workforce

The Commission adopts the following guiding principles;

  • Subsidiarity and complementarity with other Organs and Member States;
  • Results orientation, feasibility and impact focus;
  • Close coordination and cooperation with regional and international partners,
  • Coherence of policies and programs,
  • A networking approach that takes advantage of available resources through other players.

In addition to the African Union Code of Ethics, the Commission considers the following

  • Expecting all Organisation Personnel to display honesty and integrity in their actions and avoid conflicts of interest,
  • Mandating Full Compliance with all laws and regulations specifically:
    • Antitrust laws prohibiting anticompetitive practices, conspiracies or attempts to monopolise
    • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,
    • Security Laws and Prohibitions against insider trading,
    • Environmental and workplace safety regulations,
    • Discrimination and sexual harassment regulations,
    • Political contributions and lobbying activities,
  • Prohibiting giving or accepting bribes, kickbacks or gifts,
  • Being above-board in acquiring and using competitively sensitive information about partners and others,
  • Avoiding use of organization assets, resources and property to personal or other inappropriate purposes,
  • Responsibility to protect proprietary information, to manage the organization knowledge and not divulge organisation secret and/or confidential information.

Guided by these values, principles and code of ethics, the Commission will endeavour to achieve its mission through implementation of clear goals and strategies and by committing the requisite resources for effective discharge of its mandate.