AFCONE – ROSATOM (Russia) Signing Ceremony

22 September 2020

Recognising the growing importance of Africa – Russia ties and prospects for much closer cooperation, the outcomes of the Africa-Russia 2019 Summit promoting strategic partnership, forging economic ties and creating joint projects in  close cooperation between Russian and African partners in the 21st Century, and specifically fostering beneficial cooperation in energy, infrastructure, science and technology, research and development, information and communication technology and cooperation in social development and capacity building, The AFCONE and ROSATOM (Russia) Signed a Cooperation MoU on Tuesday 22 September 2020. The Cooperation will cover promoting in the Pelindaba Treaty Parties, the information on peaceful application of atomic technologies in Africa, enhancing public awareness, promoting educational and training programs in nuclear technologies and related professions, contributing to development of the nuclear infrastructure, informing about exhibitions, symposia, conferences and other events concerning peaceful use of atomic energy, exchange of public information and other areas of use of nuclear science, technology and nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, that may be agreed upon.