AFCONE GCNEP (India) Signing Ceremony

21 September 2020

AFCONE signed on 21 September 2020 a Cooperation MoU with the Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership (Department of Atomic Energy/India)

As part of the African Union Vision, Africa’s Strategic Partnership and according to the AFCONE mandate related to the International Alliances, we launched since 2018 consultations with the African Union Strategic Partners to Fully Integrate the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy in the Agendas of the Bilateral Summits, Conferences and Forums.

The fields of Cooperation include Nuclear security and physical protection system, Radiological safety studies, Destructive and non-destructive assay, Advance nuclear energy systems, Nuclear safety and safety analysis, Applications of radioisotopes and radiation technologies,  Radiation protection and environmental radiation monitoring, Human resources development, and Any other areas of cooperation as may be mutually determined by the Sides.